SCS Indoor Advantage Gold – Indoor Air Quality

Three H casegoods and MultiStations OS system products meet LEED

requirements for EQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials, Furniture.



Made in North America using materials containing high levels of recycled

content (including the main component – laminated CARB compliant

commercial grade particleboard), which contributes to LEED credits.



Component packaging materials consist largely of high recycled content

cardboard and re-used wood pallets both of which are easily divertable

from landfill and contribute to recycling and reuse programs.



A broad range of product sizing, custom specifiable components

and the integration of glass panels accommodates low profile

workstation layout and designs.



Easily expandable, reconfigurable and durable, Three H casegoods

and MultiStations OS system products can be re-purposed to serve

a broad range of applications throughout its useful life and contribute

to Resource Reuse in future projects.


The quality of components, simplicity of design, and enhanced

reconfigurability combine to make Three H Furniture Systems a

valuable, sustainable solution for the office today and tomorrow.


Three H is committed to becoming an increasingly more sustainable

company by employing policies and practices that look to protect our

natural environment, support our local economy and engage with our

communities. We set goals that help our company make consistent,

measurable progress towards sustainability in all facets of our operations.

We respect the natural, economic and human resources that help sustain

our business and strive to communicate our sustainability commitments

and progress to our key stakeholders.


Three H understands that becoming a more sustainable company

is our corporate responsibility. We will strive to operate a business

that will not compromise future generations. This policy is used as

a framework and guides the Three H decision making process.

It is reviewed and revised regularly to ensure that it reflects our

commitment to sustainability for all facets of our business operations.

Three H has identified seven (7) environmental aspects, that, along

with supporting goals, are the priorities for us as a company as we

strive for a sustainable future.


Waste Management

• Reduce the amount of waste generated by our business operations.

• Reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill.

• Reduce the amount of waste we leave our clients and end-users in

   shipping our products.


Energy Efficiency

• Conserve energy and improve the energy efficiency of our business operations.

• Explore ways to increase the use of renewable and clean energy sources.


Water Efficiency

• Reduce the amount of potable water used at our facilities.


Our Products

• Reduce the impacts our products have on the environment in all stages of

   our products' life-cycle.


Stakeholder + Employee Engagement

• Engage our employees and other stakeholders in our sustainability goals

   and objectives.

• Provide our employees with a safe and healthy place to work.


Legal and Other Requirements

• Meet all environmental regulations applicable to our business operations.